Welcome to my website!

I’m a writer and journalist who turned everything I didn’t know about motherhood into my debut novel - The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy was my bestselling debut - and whose latest (seventh) novel, is Husband, Missing, published by Headline.

I write about love, families, fancying the wrong person, not fancying the right person, friendship, death, what happens when things go explosively pear-shaped and why it’s more likely to rain when you’ve paid for a blow-dry.  I work from a shed in my garden - also a refuge from my three children. A place where many a biscuit crumb is to be found.

As a journalist I’ve written for many publications including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, You magazine and Marie Claire and still love nothing better than getting stuck into a bit of journalism, mostly because it’s SO much shorter than a novel and doesn’t involve making things up. (Honestly.)

Feel free to get in touch via this website or - much easier really - send me a Tweet. It’s always fantastic to hear from readers. I’m sorry if I don’t always get back to you very quickly… As I say, Tweet is best if you can.

BTW, some exciting news from the Polly Williams camp very soon… watch this space.